18 February 2011

A survey carried out in Korea has found that 41.4 per cent of teenagers polled would be willing to have plastic surgery for beauty reasons. Research carried out by e-Seoul found that the average age of people choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures has fallen in recent years. And a worrying statistic thrown up by the report is the fact that the number of under-18s opting to have operations is increasing. Double eyelid surgery is one of the most popular procedures with young people, according to a report by the Korea Joongang Daily newspaper. Lee Seung-Hwan, a surgeon who runs a clinic in southern Seoul, has seen the change. He said: "Compared to 2007, the percentage of teenage clients has gradually increased in 2010. What to take note of here is the fact that the minimum age group is decreasing to middle school students in grade eight or nine." Korea is by no means the only country where youngsters are having surgical procedures performed. A report in the South China Morning Post on Monday said in Hong Kong, girls as young as 14 were having operations with their parents' consent.