15 September 2009

Production of the new Sex and the City film is prompting its leading ladies to look their best, leading to speculation that actress Kristin Davis may have had Botox to retain a youthful, wrinkle-free complexion.44-year-old Kristin plays Charlotte York in the popular series and hotly anticipated new movie, and has previously undergone cosmetic surgery to remove varicose veins. Kristin has previously admitted to a lifelong fear of needles, but revealed that she conquered this fear through acupuncture. If the star has had Botox injections, it seems she has overcome this fear further through the desire for smoother, more rejuvenated looking skin. Filming scenes for the new movie in New York last week, photographers and onlookers observed a gap between the lines around Kristin's eyes and creases forming at her hairline. The patch of smooth skin is a tell-tale sign of Botox treatment. The search for a more youthful complexion may be due to certain scenes in Sex and the City 2 reportedly taking place in the 1980s, requiring the actresses to try their best to appear 20 years younger. The stars of Sex and the City continue to be an inspiration for women of all ages, and have previously undergone several cosmetic surgery treatments to enhance their natural beauty. Lead star Sarah Jessica Parker famously had a mole removed, while Cynthia Nixon who plays Miranda Hobbes is rumoured to have undergone breast enlargement. Kim Cattrall has also revealed her fondness for Botox.