30 April 2009

Kylie Minogue hasn't had the easiest time over the last few years, but she's come through it all with a smile on her face and a spring in her step. And throughout it all her status as a fashion icon and kitsch singing queen has remained un-dented. Just last week Marie Claire ran a piece showing some of her new outfits for this season and she looked sensational as always.Kylie has admitted to using Botox to hold back the years in the past, and with her petite frame the star looks far younger than her 40 years. But she's not the only singing sensation in the family that's had a little cosmetic surgery help. Little sister Dannii also makes use of Botox and also had a breast augmentation to improve her looks. The British public have always taken Kylie to heart though. She's always so well turned out and has just made it onto this year's list of the 50 wealthiest musician for the first time - which I thought was kind of surprising. I mean, Kylie's been massive for years, hasn't she? She's a hard worker too, so I say she absolutely deserves her success. It's nice to hear that she's having more luck in the love stakes these days too. There are rumours that her boyfriend Andres Velencoso has had her name tattooed under his hip to show her just how much he cares. Now that's dedication - I hope they'll be very happy together and would love to see them get married. Just think of how stunning her wedding dress would be!