28 March 2014

Oriental looking attractive womanA top San Francisco Cosmetic Surgeon has encouraged discussion concerning Labiaplasty as part of a three-part blog series, in an effort to dismiss the stigma surrounding this procedure. “Labiaplasty is a very personal procedure that can help many women who are experiencing discomfort from having an enlarged labia,” states Dr Karen Horton. “Some women are embarrassed to ask about this procedure, but we are here to tell you that modifying the female anatomy to improve your quality of life is nothing to be ashamed about.”Despite proving to be hugely popular and embraced by women at a variety of ages from a number of ethnic backgrounds, many women still feel embarrassed to enquire about this surgical procedure, hence Dr Horton’s efforts to alleviate concerns relating to Labiaplasty, the expected costs, advantages as well as the recovery period. Her collection of posts hopes to address any worries women may have regarding Labiaplasty, highlighting the many advantages such as enhanced quality of life – enabling women to enjoy wearing a variety of different clothes, freely exercise, as well as engage in intimate activities without discomfort or embarrassment. Additionally, she also notes that while it is expected for patients to experience minimal pain and swelling during recovery, such symptoms are generally described as mild and manageable. “Labiaplasty can be a satisfying experience for many different types of women,” explains Dr Horton. -What are your thoughts on Cosmetic Gynaecology? Do you still think it’s considered a taboo subject? Share your views with us on Twitter.