23 December 2011

The UK government has said there is no evidence to suggest breast implants manufactured by the French firm Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) pose a health risk to women. According to a report by the BBC, implants made by PIP were banned last year after they were found to contain non-medical grade silicone filler.The French authorities have now recommended that 30,000 women in France have their implants removed, but the British government has said medical evidence does not support this action. About 40,000 British women are believed to have the affected PIP implants. Speaking this morning, health secretary Andrew Lansley said there was no evidence currently to suggest a link to cancer. He said: "We have no evidence of toxicity, we have no evidence of substantial difference in terms of ruptures of these implants compared to others. So we don't have a safety concern that would be the basis for the routine removal of these implants." Any women who are concerned about their implants have been told to contact their clinic.