09 January 2013

Shaving or waxing do not produce lasting results for anyone looking to remove stubborn and unsightly body hair, and might end up costing more than a single laser hair removal treatment in the long run. That's according to experienced hair removal practitioners, who are keen to show that the initial cost of laser treatment can easily be less than that of regular waxing or shaving. Because laser hair removal targets the melanin in the hair's follicles, it kills the root as well as removing the hair itself, and is most suitable for people with dark hair and pale skin. However, because darker skin contains higher levels of melanin, anyone undergoing laser hair removal should check with their practitioner that the laser is carefully targeted on the hairs, rather than the melanin in the skin, in order to achieve the desired results. An initial consultation will establish whether a patient's hair and skin type are suitable for laser hair removal treatments, the practitioners say.