16 January 2014

The polar vortex are three words currently striking fear into the hearts of many Americans, as this weather phenomenon forces millions to endure the coldest winter weather in living memory. As a result, millions of people are having to cope with going from extreme cold outside to extreme heat in their homes and workplaces. According to one doctor, this is making it easier for people to develop dry skin � so she has written an article outlining tips to help it counter winter's icy blast. Dr Susan Mathison says that such weather commonly brings on a condition known, unkindly, as 'chicken skin' � medical name Keratosis Pilaris � which manifests itself as tiny bumps on the cheeks, arms and legs. "The bumps are not painful or itchy. They are just there, and they make your skin feel rough", writes Dr Mathison in an article for As many as half of people will be affected by this condition at some time in their lift, and the UK's National Health Service recommends using skin creams containing Retinol, Skin Peels, and courses of Medical Microdermabrasion, a cosmetic exfoliation procedure which is offered by Cosmetic Surgery practices and health spas.