Laser hair removal allows underarm trend to boom

26 October 2011

Underarms have taken over as the new trend on the covers of the UK’s favourite glossy fashion magazines. Following in the footsteps of previous body part trends, including toe cleavage, side boobs and ‘vajazzling’ – the practice of sticking jewels to the pubic region – it seems smooth underarms are this season’s must-have fashion accessory. In recent months, Bizarre, Vogue, Elle and GQ magazines have all featured models posing with one or both arms raised, revealing smooth and blemish-free armpits.One insider told the Daily Mail: “There's a definite trend for armpit posing at the moment, but they've got to be pits to be proud of - smooth and hairless only please. I had a model arrive on location who hadn't had time to wax under her arms, we were in the middle of nowhere and couldn't get hold of wax or a razor. “The makeup artist covered it as best she could, smothering her underarms in foundation and plucking any long hairs out with tweezers. Thank god for retouching!” The Harley Medical Group released figures to show that 12 per cent of all non-surgical bookings last year were for underarm treatments including laser hair removal and Botox injections to treat hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating.