23 March 2011

New figures from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that the number of people having laser hair removal treatment and Botox injections has risen sharply. Of the 13.1 million procedures performed in 2010, 11.6 million were non-surgical and 91 per cent of them were carried out on female patients. The number of Botox injections administered in 2010 was up 584 per cent on the same figures from 2000, a reflection of the incredible advances made in the last decade. Laser hair removal treatments were also up by 27 per cent on figures from ten years ago. Other procedures that became more popular last year were breast implants, up two per cent, breast uplifts, up nine per cent, and breast reduction, up 6 per cent. Dermal fillers also gained popularity. The popularity of a number of procedures fell when compared with the last decade, including liposuction, face lift surgery, nose jobs and eyelid surgery.