19 January 2011

Experts have prescribed laser hair removal treatment as a cure for painful, red, and swollen ingrown hairs. In a story published online by The Clinical Advisor, laser hair removal can rid men and women of the problem of ingrown hairs, wherever they may occur. The online paper said: “Pseudofolliculitis is caused by shaved hair shafts inserting back into the skin, leading to inflammation and follicular papules. This occurs not only in the pubic area of young women, but also the beard area of men”. Ingrown hairs can also occur in any area of the body that is subjected to shaving or plucking. While depilatory creams can temporarily reduce the instances of ingrown hairs, The Clinical Advisor suggests that where the permanent removal of hair is possible, laser hair removal is an effective, long term, and excellent option.  The procedure of laser hair removal is simple and virtually pain-free; a qualified nurse or aesthetic practitioner passes a laser over the area being treated, which perishes the hair and leaves the skin smooth and hair free.