02 April 2012

Laser hair removal is one of the UKs favourite non-surgical treatments, although, in the past, only those with dark hair colours such as black and brown could opt for laser hair removal. This isnt the case at the Harley Medical Group though, as our high-quality laser equipment allows us to carry out this procedure on men and women with blonde hair, as well as other lighter hair colours. Youll probably have noticed that your local beauty salon also offers laser hair removal treatments, but a lot of the time theyll be using equipment thats less powerful than the equipment we use. As we have regulated cosmetic surgery clinics throughout the UK, staffed by qualified nurses and surgeons, we can use incredibly advanced technologies and equipment for laser hair removal. It used to be the case that lighter hair colours simply didnt have enough pigmentation to absorb the laser, which is naturally attracted to darker colours. Now, thanks to the development of specialised equipment for blonde hair, we can carry out laser hair removal for blonde hair, as well as for those with grey hair, white hair and fine vellus hair. During the laser hair removal procedure we use a fractional laser that can go through the epidermis (skin) layers and destroy the root of the hair being targeted, which is why this form of hair removal is about as permanent as you can possibly get. Most patients, whether they have light or dark hair, find that the procedure can remove between 60 and 95 per cent of hair in the area treated. There are some huge benefits to laser hair removal, such as getting rid of unwanted and embarrassing hair on the face, hands and many other areas of the body, and removing painful ingrown hairs. Having laser hair removal could also mean that you wont have to shave or wax ever again. When you consider the fact that you could end up shaving as much as 11,540 times in your life, this is definitely a plus! At the Harley Medical Group our laser hair removal techniques are even FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved, meaning you can trust us with your hair removal needs. To find out more about laser hair removal or any of our other treatments and surgeries, get in touch today.