02 February 2011

Female students at Delhi University are spending more and more money on cosmetic treatments such as laser hair removal and dermal fillers in preparation for their festival season. Festival season sees the various colleges that make up Delhi University hosting fashion shows, classical music shows, and much more, all in a bid to outdo each other. The events that make up the festival season often involve competitions in which students can win up to RS 10,000 (135) in cash. With such prize money up for grabs, the girls save their money for months in preparation, and an increasing number are spending this not only on clothes and makeup, but also on procedures such as laser hair removal. In an interview with the Hindustan Times, Dr Gaurav Dhingra, a practitioner at New Look cosmetic laser clinic, said: We had three college girls who had come for laser hair removal just before their college fest. Dr Anup Dhir, cosmetic surgeon at Apollo Hospital, added: During this season, we get youngsters asking for treatments like microdermabrasion,skin peels and even Botox lip fillers. These treatments cost around Rs 5,000 just for one session.