03 September 2012

Laser hair removal is often the “treatment of choice” for individuals who are suffering from keloids and razor bumps. This is according to the Jamaica Observer, which offered advice on how to treat these ailments.The publication explained that when people shave, hair can sometimes re-grow inwards or sideways through the follicle, instead of back up through the skin. This can then become inflamed or even infected, leading to redness and pain. In order to tackle the issue, the newspaper noted many people are now turning to laser hair removal. The energy from the laser works to destroy the root of the hair, thus preventing new strands from growing. Furthermore, new lasers are now available specially created for individuals with dark skin to keep the side effects of the treatment to a minimum. Other ways in which people can try to prevent razor bumps and in-growing hairs are to regularly use an exfoliator or body brush, as well as a clean razor with sharp blades.