Laser hair removal: No more razors, shaving or nicks and cuts

10 December 2012

A woman from the US has revealed why she is such a big fan of laser hair removal. Speaking to InForum, Paula Ekman from Fargo in North Dakota explained that instead of shaving, she has laser hair removal treatment once a year.She said the results are like a “whole different world” compared with the stubbly feeling she used to get when hair started growing back on her legs after she had shaved. Now, Ms Ekman says she will never go back because she is so pleased with the results. “I don’t shave anymore because the hair that’s on my legs is very, very fine, it’s very sparse, it’s very light. So, do you need to shave every day? No,” she stated. The laser technology used to get rid of hair has come a long way over the past ten years and it takes about half an hour to treat a large area of the body, such as the legs.