03 January 2014

Man having back waxed cartoonA hairy back is something many men either find themselves self-consciously putting up with, or else exploring their pain threshold by having regular waxing sessions. But according to an Australian group of Cosmetic Surgery specialists, many overlook the solution favoured by the increasing number of male TV and film stars who routinely show off their hair-free torsos in public Laser Hair Removal. "Men's Laser Hair Removal is quick and less painful than waxing," say the team members at Laser By Sia in Sydney."With a permanent laser hair removal session results are significantly more long-lasting and regrowth is considerably thinner and finer over time," they add. Also, by targeting individual hair follicles, a laser treatment causes those hairs to grow back thinner and finer than before. "After several sessions, the amount of regrowth is usually so sparse that touch-up treatments may not be required for another 12 months," say the Australian team.