17 February 2011

Laser hair removal has been hailed as the solution to the problem of painful, red, and itchy skin that can occur as the result of shaving. A report published in the Miami Herald newspaper yesterday advised both men and women to avoid razor burn by regularly changing the blade, using shaving foam not soap, and shaving after a warm bath or shower. But according to the newspaper, the only long-term solution to unwanted hair that wont leave you with irritated skin or ingrown hairs is laser hair removal. Not only does the technique offer a permanent reduction or removal of hair from the face and body, but it cures painful ingrown hairs and prevents them from recurring. Importantly, reporter Leslie Bauman wrote: Laser hair removal allows you to ditch your razor forever. But dont be swayed by bargain prices at a spa or salon because there are potential side effects, especially for those with darker skin. Your dermatologist can determine the right laser for your skin colour so you can have fuzz-free skin for the long-term.