Laser hair removal: The key to this season’s athletic style

24 July 2012

The upcoming Olympic Games could lead to an increase in the number of men and women looking to undergo laser hair removal. Dr Grant Stevens, medical director of Marina Plastic Surgery in Marina del Rey, California, explained people are sometimes inspired by the athletes they watch on TV when such a large sporting event takes place.¬ďPatients often comment on how watching athletes with smooth, shiny bodies makes them not only want to get into shape but also want to get rid of unwanted body hair,¬Ē he stated. Dr Stevens claimed he would not be surprised if statistics showed a spike in the number of people having laser hair removal treatments during the years in which the Olympic Games take place. The procedure was the second most common cosmetic treatment undergone by men after Botox in 2011, figures from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons showed. Athletes who compete in sports such as cycling and swimming often remove the hair from their arms, legs and torsos in a bid to reduce their finish times - even if it is only by a few milliseconds - as this could make all the difference between a gold or silver medal. See original story here:¬†