09 May 2011

A woman who suffered from for 20 years with excess facial and body hair has praised laser hair removal technology for giving her a life back. Claire Menzies, who is in her 40s, noticed a change in her appearance when she was 24 and came off the contraceptive pill because it did not agree with her. At the same time Menzies noticed the early signs of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), which included bloating, erratic periods and weight gain. It wasnt long before she started seeing small hairs growing on areas of the body such as her shoulders and back. Over the next 20 years, Mrs Menzies saw a variety of medical experts, none of whom offered her a solution to the increasingly embarrassing problem, and she was told that the hair was the result of a hormone imbalance that she would just have to live with. Until recently, Mrs Menzies had to follow a vigorous shaving routine. I was having to get up in the morning and shave and tweak and then by 5pm at night I could see them coming back again, she says. I lost a lot of my confidence with that because everyone could see it. She admits that having laser hair removal treatment has allowed her to wear strappy tops and has boosted her confidence levels. She hopes to have the treatment on her stomach and chest in the future.