Late night? Don’t worry those puffy eyes are bang on trend!

9 August 2015

The morning after a big night out has most of us desperately reaching for the concealer. But while we desperately attempt to perk up our tired looking faces, women in Japan are actually trying to create a hung-over look with their cosmetics.

The trend sees women applying red blusher under their eyes for an up-all-night, sullen complexion. Some die-hard fans are even combining the look with a wet, undone hairstyle, for the ultimate worse for wear chic.

The look has gathered such popularity there are now scores of online tutorials showing women how to recreate the style. A vlog by make-up expert WinnieYap has now received over 100,000 views, here’s how she creates tired eyes:

1) The look is tired but not unkempt, so the vlogger begins by filling in her eyebrows and applying a cream, shimmer blush to her upper eyelid.

2) She then creates definition around the eye applying a dark brown shadow along the lash line and along her lower lid.

3) Then she creates the all-important sleep deprived, demeanour by brushing pink blusher  –  usually for the cheeks – under her eyes; extending the colour as far as her cheekbones and slightly towards the temple.

4) She finishes the look with dark kohl around the eyes and false eyelashes.

This isn’t the first fashion for a late night look to become popular in Japan. Women are also faking puffy, eye bags with dark shading and tape.

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Image credit: jasminlc/ Instagram