21 September 2012

A growing number of women in California are going under the knife to have a buttock enhancement or butt job, a surgeon has claimed. Speaking to AFP, Ashkan Ghavami, an Iranian-American who is assistant clinical professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine in Los Angeles, explained celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian are inspiring ladies to boost their behinds and make them curvier.He stated that although breast enhancements were previously one of the most popular ways of creating curves, a growing number of women are realising that the pioneering S-Curve buttock operation is a more natural way to do this. "We do liposuction with small incisions, we go in with a canula and we suction the fat into a sterile container and then we wash the fat and put it into syringes and then inject it into the buttock," Mr Ghavami stated. He claimed he has now performed the S-Curve operation on around 700 women, adding that it is a much more natural looking alternative to butt implants. What is more, the surgery could be the answer for women who are struggling with cellulite. When I'm injecting into the buttock, we do what's called the fanning technique -- it actually improves cellulite, because it fills the skin underneath," the expert added.