Layering is the key to good skincare, says expert

Layering is the key to good skincare, says expert

10 March 2016

If you've been fretting about whether your skincare regime is up to scratch, worry no more - because an expert from the US has offered some vital tips to help leave your skin looking truly radiant.

Speaking to lifestyle site Sofeminine, Dr Howard Murad revealed that the secret to fresh and vibrant-looking skin was actually quite simple - it's all down to layering, he says.

  • Layering can solve several problems at once, says Dr Murad

Dr Murad reckons that layering can cover up a range of flaws and imperfections with a minimum of hassle. But, he says, the easiest way to get the most effective results is to use a dedicated layering product.

"Layering is great if you are looking to resolve multiple skin issues such as dehydration and pigmentation or just-have excessively dry skin and are looking for an added boost under your moisturiser," he explains.

"Layering products is not a problem unless more than one of the steps are very exfoliating, so look for specific layering products like an essence or a booster," he added.

  • He recommends giving your skin a deep clean first

Before layering, says Dr Murad, it's best to give your skin a thorough deep clean. Then you can apply the appropriate skincare products for the best outcome.

Dr Murad says: "I would recommend using cleansing products first to give skin a deep clean, followed by your treatment products to target your skin concerns, followed by a product to hydrate and protect. Most importantly, do not forget to apply a layer of SPF!"

He also recommends leaving each product for a couple of minutes to give it enough time to get to work before applying the next layer.

  • Dr Murad suggests a three-step approach

For Dr Murad, the most effective skincare regime is a three-step one. He suggests starting by cleansing and toning, following that up by treating and repairing, and finishing off by hydrating and protecting.

He did note, however, that the number of layers you apply will depend on your own skin type.

Dr Murad also added that you can layer up at night as well, and suggested incorporating a nourishing mask into your evening routine to help your skin naturally detoxify itself overnight.

So those are one expert's tips for top skincare. What skincare tricks do you swear by? Let us know by joining the discussion on Twitter.


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