13 February 2013

Woman touching her faceSeveral well-known skincare brands are being investigated by an American law firm over whether they have used "false and misleading statements" in advertising for their anti-ageing products. Companies being investigated by lawyers from Los Angeles-based company include Avon, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Clarins and Clinique. The words which are subject to the complaint refer to advertising which goes back a number of decades, and among the allegations which they assert include that the companies involved used "predatory marketing techniques intended to mislead consumers into believing that the company's anti-aging products were capable of turning back time and offering at-home results to consumers  that would usually require a dermatologist." The basis of the claim is that "companies go too far when their marketing materials use scientific-sounding claims about pharmaceutical technologies that purportedly operate on a molecular level to convince consumers to believe that their anti-aging products actually work." Website reports that the plaintiffs' action also states: "The truth is that these products are cosmetics, not drugs."