02 August 2012

The mayor of Boston has undergone surgery to help lift his eyelids. Thomas Menino suffers from a condition known as ptosis which affects the tendons holding up his eyelids, according to a report by the Boston Globe. With age, these tendons can stretch and start to hang lower, partially obscuring the eyes.The hour-long surgical procedure, known as blepharoplasty, was carried out on Wednesday with the aim of improving the mayor's vision by bolstering the tendons which control the movement of his upper eyelids. Ophthalmologist Dr Mami Iwamoto, who carried out the procedure at Massachusetts General Hospital, said incisions made in the mayor's eyelids would result in significant swelling and bruising. He stressed the need for the operation was medical, not cosmetic. "It's like looking out a porthole with a shade down," said Dr Iwamoto. "The shade interferes with the view out the porthole. "His ptosis occurred over a long period of time. It was very gradual. It can creep up on people. It's not like a sudden thing." City officials are reported to have confirmed that the mayor is now recovering following the operation. See original story here: