07 January 2014

Woman walking away from camera down red carpetMaking her first appearance on the awards circuit, actress Jane Fonda took time out to share some of her beauty secrets. Stepping away from the cameras at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, 76-year-old Fonda gave a few of her beauty cues to waiting reporters. She jokingly listed "good genes and a lot of money" as her main 'beauty secrets', and although she admitted to having undergone Eye Lift, Neck Lift and Breast Augmentation some time ago, she added: "I made sure that they kept my wrinkles. I don't like it when it's overdone."Those judicious treatments, she added, "probably bought me five more years as an actor." Also stepping onto the red carpet, following a star turn in potential Oscar-winner Gravity, Sandra Bullock also confided that, as she approaches her 50th birthday this summer, she is a big fan of the latest anti-wrinkle creams. "I never used to think about [ageing], but now I find myself paying a lot more attention," she said. "I do like to try all the new anti-ageing creams that come on to the market. I [also] hide from the sun at all times and wear a high SPF."