31 January 2013

The capital city of West Yorkshire and the fifth largest city in England, Leeds has just come top in a poll which it might not welcome. It's the city with the largest concentration of men sporting 'man boobs', with almost six out of 10 men 59 per cent questioned feeling that they had excess chest fat. The survey, by online sports goods retailer, questioned more than 2,100 men from all over the UK, and overall about half felt they had 'moobs'. Most blamed their fat on poor diet or a lack of exercise.Close behind Leeds, with half or more men questioned owning up to having man boobs, were Swansea, Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol, and Newport, South Wales. In all of these cities or towns, more than half of the men who responded to the survey said they were afflicted. A large proportion of those questioned admitted they would rather undergo gynaecomasty the surgical procedure for removing the excess fat around the chest than change their eating and exercise habits. Matt Darvish, CEO of, agreed that in most cases, mens' problems were self-inflicted, and said it was worrying that many would prefer to undergo cosmetic surgery, "especially if the patient continues to eat unhealthily and exercise rarely."