10 December 2010

Michael Lohan, father to Hollywood wild child Lindsay, has been snapped on his way to get Botox. According to Hollywood news, Michael has recently been talking about changing his image and the outing to visit Dr Michael Persky could be a step in that direction. Michael was accompanied by girlfriend Kate Major, who was also photographed getting Botox. Father to one of Hollywood's most controversial young stars, Michael has shown he certainly isn't shy of the spotlight either. However, it's Lindsay who is usually in the public eye and she's certainly been at the centre of cosmetic surgery related rumours for years. With press speculating she may have had anything from a breast enlargement to lip augmentation, it's not certain what - of anything - the young star may have chosen to have had done. The party lifestyle she has recently been famous for is unlikely to have a positive impact on her looks however, and the young star could find she's considering non surgical solutions earlier than necessary to put some pep back in her features. She may be on the path to the straight and narrow now though, especially as Michael is also reported to have taken on a new job - with a rehab consultation firm in LA called Recovery Hub. The organisation specialises in matching addicts up with the facilities that will best aid their recovery, and Michael's exact role within the company has not been released yet.