Line and wrinkle injectables: Some quick facts

23 July 2013

Injection into woman's lipMore people are choosing line and wrinkle injectable as a minimally invasive way to reverse or halt the signs of ageing. But while popularly increases, the world of using needles to remove lines and wrinkles is still a bit of a mystery to some. Here are some facts about the use of injectables:It has been around since the 60sOriginally, what are now known as line and wrinkle injectables were used to help realign crossed eyes in the 1960s. They are now used in the treatment of many medical conditions including muscle spasms, facial tics, cerebral palsy, strokes, obesity, migraine and hyperhidrosis.It won’t get in your bloodThe toxin is injected into a muscle and will stay there – it will not work its way around the body.It worksAlthough the process can be polarising for many reasons, the one reason people keep coming back for more is that it works.It stings a little bitNo more than any other type of injections – and the pain is always temporary.Nobody will noticeWhen it is done properly, the results of injections will not be completely noticeable. You may appear fresher to others, but not as if you have had something ‘done’.