30 October 2013

InjectionA range of injectables is available to help people mitigate the effects of ageing on their face, and a Salt Lake City, Utah-based cosmetic surgeon has discussed the differences between them. In his article, published by Digitaljournal.com, Dr J Gregory Kjar points out that dermal fillers, such as Juvederm, and prescription injectables to reduce lines and wrinkles to alleviate the effects of 'crow's feet' around the eyes and lines on the forehead, are among the most popular he administers. Deep wrinkles and folds which appear anywhere else on the face are, on the other hand, best treated using a Dermal Filler."There are two types of [facial] lines, static and dynamic," said Dr Kjar. "Static lines [are] present whether a patient is smiling or not, while dynamic lines only show when the patient is smiling," he explained. A filler such as Juvederm is best suited for treating the former. As well as smoothing out wrinkles, they can also be used to enhance the contours of the face by adding volume to areas such as the lips or cheeks. Dynamic lines, however, are best treated using Botox, which works by temporarily relaxing the facial muscles, thereforemakes them fade.