09 January 2013

If people are unenthusiastic about going under the knife, they can postpone the need for a facelift by using non-surgical treatments such as Botox. This is according to San Diego-based board certified dermatologist Dr Susan Stuart, who explained that by eliminating signs of ageing when they are in their 30s and 40s, women can delay the need for more complicated surgery."For the right candidate, a facelift can be extremely effective for eliminating jowls and repositioning sagging facial tissue, but not everyone is ready for a surgical procedure,” she stated. “Many patients who are concerned about wrinkles and volume loss can benefit from Botox and injectable dermal fillers.” When used in conjunction with each other, Dr Stuart noted that Botox and fillers can create a “dramatic overall effect”, with results that the patient will start to notice immediately. While some people may like to consider a facelift further down the line, she believes non-invasive treatments are the perfect choice for those who are just starting to develop minor lines and wrinkles. Read the full story here: