05 September 2012

Lip fillers and injections have been suggested as good ways to reduce the signs of ageing. Isabella Franklin, a spokeswoman for advice website Cosmetic Surgery Guru, explained that as people get older their lips start to get thinner and less defined.“The ageing process is an inevitable part of life, but it can take its toll on our appearance,” she stated. An easy way to combat this is to use injectable lip fillers, which plump up the lips and enhance a person’s natural beauty. A patient will have the area around their lips numbed using a local anaesthetic. Filler is then injected by trained medical staff and will take around half an hour to work, the expert stated. One of the best things about the treatment is that it is over in a matter of minutes, yet lasts for up to six months. “Christmas, New Year and other celebratory events will soon be upon us, so it’s worth taking care of your appearance,” Ms Franklin continued. Read the full article here: