24 May 2011

Liposuction and chin implants could be the answer for women looking for a more feminine jaw line, says one plastic surgeon. Dr Jason Diamond, a specialist facial plastic surgeon based in America, said: Often times, to make somebody look more feminine and more elegant, we actually perform a chin implant to extend the profile." According to Dr Diamond, to achieve a face that is in proportion, the chin must meet up with an imaginary line drawn straight down from the centre of the lower lip. If the chin falls behind this line then it can look weak. Surgeons can choose from a variety of chin implants to achieve the patients desired look, but it is essential that any excess fat in the neck or jaw line is removed as part of the process. This ensures that the entire area is contoured and the skin is tightened. Dr. Thomas Barnes agrees: Due to technological breakthroughs, there are so many options to help people take years off their appearance without undergoing large surgeries. And the best part is we can perform these procedures that yield dramatic results without the risks of anaesthesia.