29 May 2013

White braCelebrity gossip channels are suggesting that Christina Aguilera has a not-so-dirrrty little secret claiming she has undergone a course of the latest liposuction treatment to help her achieve a new slimline figure. Speculation was rife when she appeared earlier this month at the Billboard Music Awards, and now, Australian celebrity news website TheFIX has speculated that she may have had cosmetic help to achieve her new svelte look, in the form of a treatment known as Cool Sculpting. The non-surgical treatment freezes away fat from the stomach and thighs, and can reputedly achieve results in a single one-hour session.But the singer is also reported to have embarked on a new fitness regime to help her maintain her new figure, having re-engaged the former fitness guru who helped her get into shape for her dancing role in the 2010 film Burlesque. The 32-year-old is now reportedly following a strict routine of regular cross-training sessions as well as a stricter diet, in an effort to keep her slimmer shape.