27 September 2012

Liposuction is great way for men to lose those "pesky pounds", but not for getting rid of larger amounts of excess fat. That's according to experts at the Park Plaza Plastic Surgery in Manhattan, New York City, where body contouring procedures are proving to be extremely popular with male patients who want to tone and firm areas that need a little help.According to the surgery, male liposuction is "designed for men who are close to their ideal weight", but are having trouble achieving the body shape they desire through exercise and diet alone. A statement released by the clinic said: "Practically any area with unwanted fat can be treated with male liposuction, but that does not mean that liposuction should be seen as an alternative to a healthy, active lifestyle. "The best candidates for male liposuction are within reach of their goal weight. Removal of more than ten pounds from a treatment area can have adverse effects, making liposuction perfect for body contouring, but a poor method of weight loss." Some of the most popular treatment areas include the abdomen, thighs, chest, neck, face and calves.