Liposuction not a weight loss tool, says Cosmetic Surgeon

27 May 2014

Liposuction not a weight loss tool, says Cosmetic SurgeonWith plenty of celebrities showing off their instant weight loss as a result of having Liposuction, scores of people are booking this particular procedure in the hope of replicating the same success as their idols. However, Vijayawada-based Plastic Surgeon P.M.C. Naidu is keen to stress that Liposuction is not so much a weight loss tool, but a body-contouring technique. In his line of work, Naidu is used to hearing people discuss Liposuction as a weight-reduction procedure; but while it could be used for that purpose, its main objective is to alter the contours of the body. The procedure works by removing adipose tissues (cells where the fat is stored) from underneath the skin, and can be used to remove pockets of fat from the arms, buttocks, chest and thighs. Businessman Rakash Kumar (name changed) says: “I love wearing fashionable clothes. But with my big paunch I could never do so and was forced to wear baggy shirts and trousers to conceal my tummy.” But thanks to this procedure, he now has a new wardrobe – complete with colourful t-shirts and slim-fit shirts to showcase his new look. With more people taking a renewed interest in their body image as well as having an increased understanding of Cosmetic Surgery, the demand for such procedures is going through the roof. Yet a word of caution from Dr. Naidu: “But the process can reverse itself if people go back to their old lifestyle.” Would you be interested in undergoing Liposuction? If so, what would be your inspiration – a celebrity, or a lifestyle choice you’ve made for yourself? Let us know on Facebook.