Liposuction or tummy tuck – the differences explained

13 August 2013

Liposuction surgeryAn abdominal-area expert from Nashville has offered his own clear-cut guidance on what certain procedures can do and when a patient may need them. Dr Alexander Nein says there are three different things that can be done to improve the shape and appearance of the stomach. These are liposuction, a mini tummy tuck or a standard tummy tuck.“Each of these procedures is different and accomplishes different things, so each is best suited for different situations,” he says. “It’s important to realise that these procedures address only the stomach; additional liposuction, or other procedures, can be combined to further improve your overall appearance.” He added that surgery of this kind in not a “free pass” to a healthy lifestyle and is no real substitute for a healthy diet and being active.Liposuction“This procedure removes fat from underneath the skin and above the muscles of the stomach wall. If there is a modest fat pooch below the naval and some excess fat of the upper stomach, waist and hips, this can be an excellent way to achieve a nicely contoured and slim stomach.”Tummy tuck“A tummy tuck places an incision low across the stomach, roughly where a C-section incision would be. The incision is made in order to lift excess skin and fat from the stomach wall. “With the muscles of the stomach wall exposed, the flexible muscles are stitched to tighten them up. Any excess stretched muscle or linea alba can be tightened up.”Mini tummy tuck“[This is] best suited for those women who have excess skin primarily below the belly button and who don’t have too much stretching of the muscle layer.” Skin and fat is lifted up from the stomach wall to the belly button level. The muscle below the naval is then tightened (if necessary), and excess skin is removed. The remaining skin is pulled down and smoothed.