09 September 2010

The summer weather in August was great news for Britain's tourism industry and sun worshippers alike, but the month also saw a rise in the number of women choosing liposuction to improve their beach bodies.Thousands of British women admitted feeling 'beach envy' last month when seeing the toned bodies of fellow sunbathers, and The Harley Medical Group reported a surge in enquiries for fat removal treatments. The boom was mostly driven by women over 30, according to the cosmetic surgery group's director, Liz Dale. Ms Dale explained: "You can get liposuction on various areas of the body, not just the stomach area. It can be used to target problem areas such as the hips, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, knees and double chins. "Many of our patients come back from a holiday with a resolution to make a change to their life. With pictures of celebrities soaking up the sun in bikinis hitting the newspapers every day, British women are being spurred into taking action." Liposuction was recently revealed to be the world's most popular cosmetic surgery treatment, surpassing breast augmentation for the first time, but was not the only surgery to be driven by the beach weather. Enquiries for tummy tucks also rose by 32 per cent over the last two months, according to The Harley Medical Group, with many women being inspired by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham. It was also revealed that many patients used their time off work as a chance to recover from plastic surgery treatments.