16 September 2008

New research has revealed that increasing numbers of cosmetic surgery patients are requesting liposuction on non-traditional areas of the body, such as on the back and under the arms.

Conventionally, liposuction has been used on the stomach, to eliminate fatty deposits held there. However, it seems that rising consumer awareness about plastic surgery procedures has led to burgeoning demand for the treatment on other problem areas.

The study, carried out by the Harley Medical Group, found that patients were now requesting liposuction on knee saddles (the area just above the knee), along the bra-line on the back and at the point at which the calf meets the ankle.

In addition, the research discovered a surge in the number of patients booking appointments for Botox injections. This procedure stimulates a temporary smoothing of facial lines and wrinkles and has proved popular with many Hollywood celebrities, including Joan Rivers and Cher.

According to the study, Baby Botox - a lighter variation of traditional Botox procedures - is favoured in the UK. As it produces a more subtle effect that many other line and wrinkle treatments, it is favoured by women in their late 20s as well as older patients seeking anti-ageing treatments.

Earlier this week, the Harley Medical Group also revealed the top ten cities in the UK in which cosmetic surgery is booming. Newcastle came top of the list, followed closely by London and Chelmsford.

The research showed that breast augmentation was the most popular cosmetic procedure in Newcastle and Bristol, with both cities favouring a C cup size.

Facelifts were the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure undertaken in Chester, while laser hair removal was the most sought after treatment in Brighton - particularly by males.