08 July 2011

ks142403Liposuction surgery is being used to take fat from one area of the body before its used as a natural dermal filler as part of vaginal reshaping surgery. Surgeons across the world have seen an increase in the number of women asking about the surgery over the last five to six years, and Dr Paul Vitenas, a cosmetic surgeon specialising in this area, believes this is down to the plethora of information available about the procedures online.Dr Paul Vitenas, a cosmetic surgeon specialising in vaginal reshaping, said: We have offered vaginal rejuvenation at our practice for the past 25 years but demand has not been mainstream until the past five or six years. Due to the internet and easy access to information, women have begun to actively search for these procedures. Demand has increased and we've performed more vaginal rejuvenation procedures in the past few years, helping patients feel better about lot of issues that they previously wouldn't have even talked to someone about, let alone seek medical help. Experts say that just as with the face, women can take steps to slow down the ageing process of the vaginal area. Women should exfoliate and moisturise but they should also know that sexercise will help to keep the vagina lubricated and the blood flowing to the area.