04 December 2012

Image-conscious residents in Dubai are opting for liposuction in large numbers, with the procedure accounting for a majority of the workload of one of the emirate's foremost plastic surgeons. Dr Luiz Toledo told news website that the procedure is becoming very popular, and is often being included in a package of treatments opted for by patients. "It is often combined with other body contouring techniques," Dr Toledo added. People in the Gulf states are also becoming more aware of available treatments thanks to the internet. "If an application is used in Switzerland one day, they expect it to be available here the next," he said. However, non-invasive procedures with minimal recovery times which people can undergo in their work breaks, such as Botox and fillers, have seen substantial growth in the past three years. The lion's share of patients Dr Toledo treats are in their thirties, he added, and he is also seeing a slightly higher proportion of men than the average around the world, at 13 per cent, compared to 12 per cent. He also said that he expects demand for fat removal procedures to grow as the technology continues to be refined.