21 November 2012

The American Food and Drugs Agency has issued a warning that the huge demand for Botox and similar non-surgical treatments is fuelling a rise in demand for illegal injectables. The authority which has the power to legalise the use of many substances used in cosmetic treatments, says unlicensed versions of Botox are being brought into America in large quantities, and may be being used by similarly illegitimate practitioners.Investigative reporters from ABC Action News have found that doctors in San Francisco are being "inundated with offers for cheap offshore unlicensed Botox and fillers not approved for sale in the United States." And it found that a number of well-known clinics were openly advertising treatments using products which had not been given the all-clear for use in the USA. It even sent a reporter for a consultation with number of doctors, on whose premises they found evidence of unlicensed products. Pharmaceutical company Allergan told ABC that "only Allergan's product is called Botox Cosmetic", yet its statement was challenged by the clinics which the news channel approached, one of which said the derivations of Botox substance which they used were "FDA approved formulations of Juvederm, and are manufactured in FDA inspected facilities".