Liverpool named Breast Augmentation capital of Britain

3 December 2014

Liverpool – known for The Beatles, being home to one of the best football clubs in the world and…the “boob job capital of Britain” apparently? According to a recent report into Cosmetic Surgery trends, Liverpool was found to be the most popular destination for Breast Augmentation procedures.

While this busty location was bestowed this coveted title, Birmingham took the top spot for being the most Cosmetic-Surgery hungry part of the country – with over 1,000 procedures requested by its residents in the first nine months of 2014.

Taking a sample of 60,000 procedure requests, research highlighted that breast-related operations were the most popular in Liverpool with 145 requests, with Birmingham (131), Leeds (128), Hampshire (162) and Glasgow (109) making the list of the top five regions respectively.

Meanwhile, people living in Barnet and Enfield, Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester were the most likely to enquire about a Rhinoplasty.

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