03 December 2009

I look away for two minutes, or one nice quiet weekend, and all of a sudden we're in December. How did it sneak up on me this year? I like to think I'm normally quite organised when it comes to the festive season - especially seeing as I love Christmas shopping so much! - but somehow it's caught me unawares. Luckily I've still got enough time to get myself prepped though.Christmas is such a party season and we all like to look our best for festive get-togethers despite the horrible weather that would seem to prefer otherwise. That's why this is the perfect time to take extra good care of your skin, from nourishing moisturisers, that can help protect your skin from the drying effects of radiators and icy blasts, to skin peels to achieve a rejuvenated appearance. This is also a popular time of year for Botox as people make sure they look fresh and smooth for the big day and all the nights out around it, but these days there is a whole new use for the injectable. Since it was discovered that Botox could take the pain out of party heels, more and more women have been turning to us to have foot fillers to cushion the soles of their feet so that they can keep dancing the whole night long. Chuck Christmas shopping into the mix and it's no surprise that women are looking for ways to keep their feet pain-free at this time of year. I wonder whether non-surgical treatments during this season count as Christmas presents to yourself or as preparations for the festive period? Either way, all this talk of high heels has got me thinking - maybe I'll have a hunt for some for myself when I hit the high street with my present lists this weekend.