17 August 2011

200380490-001A70-year-old self-proclaimed sexpert has hailed the combination of cosmetic treatments and yoga is the secret to staying young. Dorree Lynn, from Washington D.C., attributes her youthful looks to yoga, being a quasi-vegetarian and cosmetic surgery. Speaking to The Florida Times Union, Lynn said: I tell people it's not all cosmetic surgery. Not that I haven't had a touch here and there. But it's been a lot of yoga, pilates. I've been a quasi-vegetarian for 40 years.Lynn is a qualified psychologist and now runs her own website - advising the over fifties on how to grow old gracefully. She also regularly appears on My Generation, a television show affiliated with, an organisation helping people over the age of 50 to improve their lives. Lynn admits that the subject is often sex and she advises on everything from positions that wont aggravate arthritic joints, to keeping the lines of communication open at all times. The minute communication stops, sex stops, she says frankly.