06 January 2012

Lorraine Kelly has revealed that she relies on a good diet and skin care regime to keep herself looking young. The 52 year old was awarded an OBE on the New Years Honours list and is a regular face on breakfast TV, with many male fans referring to her as a yummy mummy. In an interview in the February issue of Good Housekeeping, Kelly said: The thing is, if you go on a diet, youre denying yourself. At the moment, Im looking after myself as a bit of maintenance.Expensive skin creams are a hell of a lot cheaper than a facelift! she added. Though she exercises regularly, she told interviewers that it isnt at the top of her to-do list and that she simply does it when she can: I somehow manage to fit in watching Coronation Street and Downton Abbey all the time, so if I can do that, surely I can fit in some exercise. The TV presenter hosts her own show, titled Lorraine, and travels between her flat in London and her family home close to Dundee in Scotland, rather than moving her entire family to England. Despite the fact that she is often tasked with interviewing celebrities on her hit TV show, she told Good Housekeeping that she prefers being at home: Much as I like talking to the likes of Colin Firth on television, the highlight of my week could be taking Rosie on the school run or walking our dog Rocky on the beach with Steve.