18 May 2010

The X Factor judges are well known for their appreciation of Botox to hold back the years, and it seems even Cheryl Cole may have used the treatment - if her co-star Louis Walsh is to be believed.Louis claimed Cheryl had used the wrinkle relaxing injections, along with her other co-hosts Simon Cowell and Dannii Minogue, in an interview with Star magazine, asking: "If the other three judges can do it, why cant I?" Former Girls Aloud star Cheryl previously denied having Botox, and has long been at the centre of cosmetic surgery rumours despite saying she would be honest if she had work done. Earlier this year, a noticeably plumper pout caused many to speculate that she had fillers in her lips. 57-year-old music mogul Louis defended his own use of cosmetic surgery, stating: "Of course I have and Ill have it done again. Its called maintenance." As well as Botox injections, Louis was previously reported to have undergone eyelid surgery to treat bags under his eyes. Discussing his fellow judges further, Louis admitted that he was tired of sitting near to Simon and Cheryl on the panel. "I dont want to sit by him," Louis said. "Hell have Cheryl there. Hes like her puppet master; he sits there with his hand around her. Ill sit by Dannii [when she returns from maternity]. Louis explained his changing feelings for former rival Dannii, saying: "Im happy sitting by her - I like her now."