17 May 2011

Irish band manager Louis Walsh has admitted that he would have more cosmetic surgery if it meant he secured his place on the judging panel for the latest series of the X Factor. The 58-year-old has already admitted to having surgery to remove his eye bags and cosmetic treatments to whiten his teeth, allegedly on Simon Cowells insistence. Walsh last night told reporters that cosmetic surgery was essential in his industry and that if you want to last, you have to do it. The music moguls comments come amid reports that one of the shows regular judges, Dannii Minogue, has already been axed, with her replacement yet to be announced. Cowell, 51, has been concentrating on the promotion of the US version of the talent show, taking Cheryl Cole with him to join Paula Abdul on the judging panel. He is yet to comment on the controversy surrounding Minogue or Walsh.