05 August 2013

Red carpet visualTV presenter Louise Redknapp has revealed she is open to the idea of cosmetic surgery when she gets older. The former pop star is co-presenting a new six-part consumer series for Channel 4 called How Not to Get Old. While the 38-year-old wants to stay natural for as long as she can, she has not ruled out going under the knife further down the line.“I'm 38 and in another 10 years' time, my views on ageing will be very different to now,” she said. “I try my best to be healthy 90 per cent of the time. Right now, I'll keep it as natural as I can for as long as I can. But I would never say never to surgery. “I didn't go into this show going, 'right, I'm all about the natural and I think anybody who has surgery is awful'. “If I got to the stage in life when surgery was an option and an answer, I'd absolutely do it. I just wouldn't rush into it. It's not something that I would start with, I'd go through a few processes first to get there.” But Redknapp added that she has become more comfortable with her looks as she has got older.