Louise Redknapp says less is more when it comes to Skin Care

Louise Redknapp says less is more when it comes to Skin Care

17 December 2014

Louise Redknapp  is a natural beauty which is why it comes as no surprise that her secret to looking good is a result of…keeping it natural.

A firm believer in sticking to the bare minimum, Redknapp reveals: “For me less is more, I never like to use too much of anything.”

Are there any recommended products or brands that bring out the best in her skin? “I don’t use lots of eye creams or face creams and I don’t believe in expensive creams,” she confides. “I try to use products that make my skin feel nice and hydrated, and ones that I can put my makeup on top of. Less is definitely more for me.”

But with harsh wintry conditions playing havoc with your complexion, how does she ensure she maintains a flawless look? “In the winter I have to be really careful that I don’t look sallow and my skin can be a bit blotchy, dry in some areas and greasy in others, so I definitely have to be a bit more attentive in the winter than I am in the summer.”

When it comes to looking as great as Redknapp, it really is a case of the bare necessities! How do you keep your skin looking good during this festive season? Bare your secrets on our Twitter page now. 





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