18 April 2011

Louise Redknapp, singer and wife of ex-England footballer Jamie Redknapp, has told a women’s magazine that she will definitely have Botox and cosmetic surgery in the future. The 36-year-old mother of two made the revelation to the online edition of Fabulous magazine yesterday. When asked if she would consider having Botox or cosmetic surgery, the blonde beauty answered honestly and without reservation, proving just how normal it is for people to have treatments these days. In response to the question, Redknapp said: “Absolutely - whatever I need. I'll definitely have Botox at some stage, but it's all about timing.” During the same interview she said that as long as she looked OK in a t-shirt and jeans then she’d be happy enough and admitted to hating exercise. “I hate working out. But I do a lot of boxing with Jamie and that's my saving grace”, she said.