23 April 2013

93989961The hourglass figure is back in fashion thanks to the hit TV show Mad Men and women are turning to cosmetic surgery to get curves just like Christina Hendricks! A London liposuction clinic has seen a 40 per cent rise in demand for the procedure this year, something owners attribute to the phenomenal rise of the cult drama set in 1960s New York.Since the 1950s, the average UK womans waist has increased from 27 to 34 inches. A spokesman for the clinic said: The waist is one of the hardest areas to shift weight. Curvaceous Mad Men star Hendricks is one of the shows regulars, playing Joan Harris alongside Jon Hamms charismatic Don Draper. Since the show began in 2007 she has been credited by many for bringing the beauty of the full-figured actress back to the mainstream. Despite her success, Hendricks claimed she isn't bothered by paparazzi: Im just not that famous, to be honest. I get to live a very normal life. She added: I don't have a situation like Jennifer Aniston, where I have people camped outside my house. I can take the garbage out and walk down the street and have ramen and its fine.